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AMUSEMENT EXPO 2002 Exhibition

Overseas a distributor
       The image of an entry time
       A race can be chosen freely.
The race of the horse of 6, 7, 8, can be freely chosen.
Odds change according to the number of horses.

Speedy race deploymentI
In the midst of entry time, it starts by the start button.
Repeat-Bet function button.
The last contents of a bet are memorized, the same bet is pushed.
JP-BONUS will be decided if the slot of triple figures is located in a line
at the time of race entry.
As for the victor of the race with which JP777 was located in a line, JP score of 777 enters.
As for the victor of the race with which JP333 was located in a line, JP score of 333 enters.
If the race with which Zorro eyes JP777 and other than 333 were located in a line
    winner, a WIN score will double.
The horse race which runs with reality.
The reality race according to self-judgment run software based on
actual race deployment
Derby marker function.
The Derby marker which can judge the ranking
The lovely animation character
Appears colorfully.

The lovely character which appears on a course is animation with reality.

It sells to the whole world.
Original of Japan
Pink Color BONUS !       
If the present race ODDS changes to pink at the time of race entry ,
a plus alpha bonus will be added.
Dual Bet on board !
Even if it is in a race, a bed is possible in the following race.

Double-UP of fullness !
Jockey dress was designed. The card of 1-13
Direct Button function operation.
The first player understands the contents of a game immediately.

There are various direct buttons.

Japan Amusement ( Journal ) serially !!

     Various kinds of horse race panels are prepared
An order panel is also manufactured.
JAMMA conversion harness (solder work -- unnecessaryj
It is easy reconstruction if it is from a mah-jongg case.

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